Welcome to the very first entry in the Amanda Walker journal. We’ve been working hard on our launch preparation and we are thrilled to finally be able to share what we’ve been working on with you all.

We wanted to take a moment out to tell you about who we are as a brand and some of the things that are important to us, we’ll share more about each of these in future, but for now just a few little snippets to get us acquainted…

You’ll notice that each of our collections has a name. When we set out to create our watch collection many women came to mind, inspirational, strong and brave women who have either changed the world or been a very special part our lives. We wanted to create time to honour, reflect and celebrate those women and in doing so create a watch collection to capture the importance of time, we’ll be talking about those incredible women in future journal entries, as well as introducing the watches they inspired.

The Amanda Walker mantra is ‘There’s no present like time’, because there’s just nothing more precious than the gift of time. We live in an overwhelmingly busy world, and more so than ever our time is precious. We hope wearing one of our watches will be a gentle reminder to take time to savour moments with friends and family, to read a favourite book or simply luxuriate in a bubble bath.

Gifting is at the heart of what Amanda Walker does, we want women to feel indulged, whether they’ve treated themselves, or been gifted by a loved one. Every detail of the brand experience has been thought about to help create gifts that will be cherished for years to come. We’ve worked tirelessly on our packaging, and we finally feel sure that the opening one of our gift boxes will bring a little moment of joy.

Our signature palette came very naturally, warm, subtle tones that will work for any occasion, of course our colours will evolve over time, but we aren’t about following trends, we create classic pieces you’ll want to come back to again and again. These exquisite shades run through the design of our watches & also form the backbone of our brand imagery so you’ll find them echoed throughout everything we do.

"Hello, I received my watch and am delighted with it, beautifully packaged thanks so much!"

Kirsty - Customer via Instagram